KennaDee is a Singer-Songwriter from Syracuse, New York.
A Southern native, she comes from a long line of Bluegrass and Country-Western musicians and fell in love with music at a very young age.
Primarily a vocalist in the beginning, KennaDee found herself involved in numerous music groups and ensembles…from the Navy Choir, the Rhode Island State Chorus, as well as various duo’s, trios and bands.
Not that long ago, she picked up the acoustic guitar for the first time, which eventually led her to trying her hand at song-writing. And she fell absolutely in love with it!
Today you can catch KennaDee performing solo as well as in different music projects with various musicians throughout the Central NY area and she is highly committed to great music and a real need to entertain the audience at a high level.


In 2019 KennaDee released her debut album, "Gypsy Soul", which had a fantastic response! Go on a journey of her life through her heartfelt words and beautiful music!
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">"Gypsy Soul"</span></p>
"Gypsy Soul" 


She has played at private parties, festivals and benefits...when not performing at local pubs and restaurants.
Today you can catch KennaDee performing solo as well as in different music projects with various talented musicians throughout the Central NY area.
Click here to see a list of places that she has played as well as places she will be playing in the future.
A Medley of Covers by KennaDee

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KennaDee 2019

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KennaDee bares her soul with her songs. She’s fearless, charming, and talented, a triple threat songwriter
Went to the Village Tavern To see KennaDee. Glad I did ! Great act and she has fantastic voice control, great on stage presence! A must see! Check it out, you will love her!!!!!
Having KennaDee play for our vow renewal ceremony was absolutely fantastic...she was very personable and accommodating with the music she played. If you're looking for an acoustic solo person, she is the person and I know you won't be disappointed.
I've seen her play a few times here locally.  Fine voice and plays a lot of good tunes!!
KennaDee has played at our bar on several occasions and we can't wait to have her back. It has been a pleasure to know her and amazing to hear her music!